Corrective Eyelid Surgery - What is it?

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a procedure during which Dr. Hamilton removes or repositions unnecessary skin and excess fat which has collected in the eyelids above and below the eyes.He performs this surgery at an accredited hospital in Calgary.

Wrinkles in the skin are caused by factors including heredity and aging. In addition, small pockets of fat can develop and be concentrated in the upper or lower eyelids, and give both the impression of "bulging" around the eyes as well as a tired look to the face.

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The advantages of Blepharoplasty

The eyes are the first part of our face to be noticed by other people. When the eyelids look tired from the pouches of fat that have collected in them, people may easily be given a mistaken impression of our mood, level of interest or energy level. When Dr. Hamilton performs eyelid surgery in Calgary, the patient is left with a more youthful, alert appearance.

Blepharoplasty - the procedure

The patient is first sedated. Dr. Hamilton then performs the eyelid surgery under a local anesthetic.

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty

There are several advantages of this operation over transcutaneous (through the skin) lower eyelid blepharoplasty, including:

  • More precise fat sculpting during removal
  • Less invasive to middle layers of eyelid, leaving them functionally intact
  • Less chance of major orbital bleeding and vision loss
  • No chance of lower eyelid ectropion (lower eyelid pulled away from eye)
  • No risk of lower eyelid retraction (lower eyelid pulled down)
  • Safer for operations in patients who have had previous eyelid surgery Less bruising and swelling

Dr. Hamilton cautions what it won't do

Blepharoplasty cannot prevent the skin that is left behind after the eyelid surgery, from forming into small folds when the patient smiles or makes other facial expressions. Laser surgery or a chemical peel may be used to remove the fine wrinkles and “crow's feet” at the outer edges of the eyes.

Prior to surgery

Before your eyelid surgery, an eye doctor will examine your eyes to make certain that there are no reasons to postpone or cancel the procedure.

Following your procedure

Dr. Hamilton will reassure you that recovery from eyelid surgery is usually straightforward. You can wear dark sunglasses the second day after the surgery to mask any swelling or discoloration, which is usually gone within ten days. After that, any remaining scars can be easily covered by makeup.

Five-to-seven days after your eyelid surgery in Calgary, Dr. Hamilton will remove the sutures. This process has very minimal discomfort. In order to minimize the swelling, the doctor will advise that you sleep with your head elevated thirty-to-forty degrees for one week.

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Dr. Hamilton is Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery at Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary, and is Assistant Professor (Clinical) Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Calgary Medical School. He sits on the Surgical Executive Committee, Peter Lougheed Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, and is also Director of the Hand Clinic at Peter Lougheed Hospital.

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Activities to avoid immediately following eyelid surgery

  • reading or watching television for long periods during the first two weeks after surgery
  • bending over or lifting heavy objects for one week
  • hitting or bumping your face
  • using a hair dryer on high heat
  • spending time in the sun during the first thirty days
  • any athletic or strenuous activities for at least one month following surgery

Acceptable activities after surgery

  • showers or baths (not too hot and not too long) the day after surgery. Be careful not to get your eyes wet.
  • having your hair washed two days after the sutures are removed
  • gently cleaning your face with cotton-tipped applicators
  • wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses the day following surgery
  • wearing contact lenses ten days after surgery

If you need additional information to know more about your procedure feel free to call at 587.353.0244.

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