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In practice since 1987, Dr. Hamilton is the current Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery at Peter Lougheed Hospital as well as Assistant Professor (Clinical) in Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Calgary.

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Rhinoplasty in Calgary

As the central feature of the face, your nose plays an important role in the overall facial appearance.

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Surgery to restore a woman's figure after childbirth.

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Benefits of using the most advanced breast implants.

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Dr. Hamilton is happy to see you for a personal and private consultation.


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Meet Dr. George Hamilton, a distinguished Calgary Plastic Surgeon who understands Calgary's unique culture and patient population.

"Calgary is a youthful city."

"Calgary patients ask for maintenance and prevention, as much as rejuvenation. Because we're all in this together, I'm told they appreciate my honesty and my willingness to take the mystery out of every aspect of a procedure. Sometimes, this includes the possibility that the surgery they want may not even be necessary. It's about candor and transparency; I insist that my patients are truly happy with their results. They tell me I'm reading them well and have guided them sensibly."

... Dr. George Hamilton

Although Dr. Hamilton's practice includes all cosmetic procedures, his patients have made certain procedures the most highly requested. A brief intro follows, with detailed information on the procedure pages of this site.

The post-baby make-over in Calgary

With great respect for Calgary's busy and dedicated moms, Dr. Hamilton invites mothers to ask for a consultation on a mommy make-over in Calgary. He'll create a program of one or more treatments to address each woman's specific issues and wishes. Many mothers give themselves the well-deserved gift of a restorative make-over after they've had their families.

Dr. Hamilton consults on the treatment plan best suited to each patient, with breast-lifts, tummy-tucks, liposuction, and "soft facelifts" being some of the procedures that create a fresh and rejuvenated look.

Breast augmentation Calgary

This popular procedure offers increased confidence to women who have had children, who have asymmetry in their breast size, or whose breasts have developed dis-proportionately. Dr. Hamilton models his work on nature, meaning that a natural result is the artistic goal of all Dr Hamilton's cases of breast augmentation in Calgary. The range of implants now available means that every woman's figure can be enhanced with beautiful and highly individual results.

Rhinoplasty in Calgary [surgery to improve the appearance of the nose]

Every patient has personal reasons for seeking rhinoplasty. In Dr. Hamilton's practice, he's observed that he has a significant number of patients in his community who are new Canadians, arriving to his community in Calgary from the Middle East and from South Asia.

patients are woman, men, parents, young adults, who feel very comfortable with Dr. Hamilton and appreciate his sensitivity, as do all his Calgary rhinoplasty patients.

The safest setting you can be in.

Dr. Hamilton works only at an accredited hospital with board-certified anesthetists.

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